Between 1981 and 2017, Saimatec was operating as a systems supplier for pulp and paper mills internationally. Main business was roll handling and roll wrapping systems for paper mills. Product portfolio also included products and services for bulk material handling processes, and this is still an important part of Saimatec’s business. In addition to this, Saimatec owns and develops the Teknola industrial site in Savonlinna, Finland.

Founding of Uproval Oy in 2018 is the latest development, which is also related to generational change at company leadership. Roll handling and roll wrapping systems are today delivered by Uproval, please see this section of the webpage.



Saimatec Engineering Oy, founded 1981 by Seppo Rasimus

Saimatec was started as an engineering consultancy, operating in co-operation with workshop companies which produced the products designed by Saimatec.
• Original business area was roll wrapping systems for pulp&paper mills, but many different products were designed on a contract basis, too.
• Gradually over the 1980’s own manufacturing activities and turn-key deliveries were started, and operations were focused on sector of roll wrapping and handling.

Machinery workshop Ässätekniikka Oy was founded in 1989. Saimatec and Ässätekniikka form a pair of sister companies.

• Ässätekniikka is a separate limited corporation that serves as manufacturing facility for Saimatec’s products, but also as a sub-supplier for other certain other equipment manufacturers not competing with Saimatec.
• Majority of Ässätekniikka Oy is owned by Saimatec and Saimatec-related persons.

Since 1990 both Saimatec and Ässätekniikka have been operating in the Teknola industrial park in Savonlinna, Finland.

• Majority of the premises were acquired by Saimatec Engineering Oy on 1997
• Saimatec owns a total ~11.000 m2 production and office spaces, suitable for design and manufacturing of various products for heavy industry. Ässätekniikka is using major part of the premises.

1990’s – 2000’s

Deliveries by Saimatec + Ässätekniikka
core organisation, total max 70 persons
• Mechanical design, mainly by own people
• Project management
• Electrical and automation design, both own people and subcontractors
• Marketing and sales
• Financial administration
• Workshop manufacturing
• Service and after-sales
Total business volume in the range 10 MEUR / year in best years
Extensive network of sub-suppliers and co-operation partners

Change in organisation

Ässätekniikka Oy no longer operating.

New structure

Uproval Oy founded in order to continue SAIMATEC roll wrapping and roll handling business.
Saimatec continues on fields of biomass / bulk material handling equipment, as well as development of the Teknola industrial site.

Teknola industrial site changes owner

As part of changeover started in 2018, Saimatec has seeked a long term solution to find an industial owner for the Teknola site. This was realised in spring of 2022 when Erosen Kala Oy acquired the premises including workshop building and adjacent warehouses and offices. Saimatec continues operation in the field of biomaterials handling, mostly service and spare parts supplies to existing customers.