The new biomass drying system is based on Saimatec’s long-term knowledge and technology for bulk material handling in Pulp & Paper industry. The vertical silo type dryer is suitable for different types of biomass, for example:

  • wood bark
  • wood chips all varieties
  • sawdust mixed in other materials
  • sludges mixed with biomass.

System is a self-contained unit, including infeed silo and outfeed equipment as well as automation.
Drying process is controlled in a way that leads to good energy effiency. Drying energy may be received from different heat sources such as:

  • CHP plants
  • District heating plants
  • Industrial power plants
  • Independent combustion gas generators
  • Hot air generators
  • Steam generators, etc.

Key benefits:

  • No need to fine-grind material
  • Drying time is sufficiently long for also coarse particles to dry
  • Low temperature (typically under 150 C) eliminates risk of volatile emissions and fire
  • Low speed of the drying air eliminates the tendency of dust spreading and therefore reduces need for housekeeping
  • Compact, sealed construction also prevents dust emissions to surroundings
  • Energy efficient 2-stage drying
  • Vertical construction makes installation easier also when space is limited.


  • CHP plants
  • Wood pellet plants
  • Biorefineries for fuel and chemical
    production, etc.

Technology has been thoroughly tested and dimensioning validated by the fullscale test equipment installed at our premises. Further tests with customer’s own material may also be run at request.

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