Saimatec heavy duty bin discharger type ”help”

Tightly enclosed and corrosion proof design. Discharging from the whole bottom area. Especially suited for:

  • Presteaming Bins at Pulp Digesters and TMP/CTMP Plants
  • Knot Bins at Pulp Plants
  • Storage Silos for chips, sawdust, peat and other bulk material
  • Also high pressure processes

Feeder Bin 500 cubic meters for Cooking Plant

  • HELP discharger D 8000
  • Discharging screws D 1000 x 2 items
  •  Feeding Capacity 2 x 100 cubic meter per hour


  • Discharging from the whole bottom area with first in – first out type operation
  • Screw rotation and turning movement take place by single drive unit
  • One drive motor – lower power consumption
  • Output from 1 or 2 points in the center of the bin
  • Freely assignable layout of outfeeding conveyor system
  • Suitable for storage and handling of bark, chip, sawdust, sludge, peat or other bulk material with tendency to block


  • Discharging evenly from the whole bottoma area with first in – first out type operation
  • ”Loose” material discharge through the circumference of the bin – meaning constant and reliable handling of especially ”sticky” materials
  • One drive motor – lower poiwer consumption
  • Capacity easily adjusted to current process state by one frequency controlled drive

For more information, please contact seppo.rasimus@saimatec.fi